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Is this really important or are there other ways to please a girl? Coming from me, a girl yes. You can actually try to make her squirt. Keep rubbing that part consistently so that your fingers dont get tired. You might feel her getting tighter, make sure you tell her to just let it out. I totally agree! My ex and I had the most amazing sex.

Just speak to her Calmly. It was enjoyable for the both of us, and something I will never forget.

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I find what makes me orgasm the most and feels the best and actually makes me reach a squirting frenzy is just simply girl-on-top.. I arch my back and I giver! Hard and Fast! Then Ill place my feet flat on the bed beside his hips and I go again. Thats if my bf hasnt already came by then. I want to try that third one out though.

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Looks type legit!!! It always depends on the girl man. Nothing in her about clitoral action. Also agree that just saying okay that was cool but I got stuff to do is no bueno. You can easily come with only penetration.. You people have terrible language skills. I guess I must be a freak caus I think the longer the better… And I have done all those positions regularly and nothing… Feels amazing, but nothing has pushed me over the edge so far.

Any other tips? Me and a one night stand lasted for 5 hours… not straight we went out for a refreshening smoke twice and had a few short breaks.. We only did 3 positions though.. Thats really hard, dude..

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When your in the foreplay though.. Fingering: work your way through slowly.. Oral sex… breathe sexily into her pubic area and first lick thhe lips, then her clitoris… When licking her clitoris try and lick the alphabet.. These are awsome. Put a full proof one is lay her on her side curled up like your spooning. Enter her in this position. Then rotate her top leg slowly as your fucking her.

It s important to take your time.

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Dont get in to much ofa hurry. Not only has she had multiple orgasoms but youve just hit her g spot in a whole new way. Never forget you and niether will her riends. OMG tried position 2 today with my girlfriend and so fucking deep and her having her legs like that means she is super tight but was so good she could only do it for a bit then she put her legs down and very soon after massive orgasm was so sexy.

To the guys who are saying that the girls have lasted no longer then 30 minutes they are most likely faking it, girls only generally fake it when they get bored, and when you are bad.

You need to take up the advice in this page but getting her relaxed, and occasionally whispering in her ears. I know im not pro but i never heard of me being bad at bed or not having a girl orgasm, Shes todally diffrent and i have had sex with 15 girls, anything yall can say? I know it may take a while before I can do anything larger than my finger. What advise do you have.

Also what brand of condoms works best without the flavors and colors and ribbed and all that stuff?

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Just in case she wants me to try. I need some good pointers! If you see blood, you popped her cherry. Tell her it will feel good if you keep going. The kind of lube you should use should be water-based. Easy to find in a drug store or health clinic. As are the regular condoms. Make sure you get your size though, you dont want it to be too tight for yourself.

In my own opinion, I suggest you get checked by a professional and just go all natural. Use lube, but condoms eventually get dry which might hurt her. Make sure shes relaxed because if you just go at it, tension or stress might be another reason why shes so tight. Let her be on top, and just lay there and let her do it how she wants. It fucking HURT.

But my girlfriend is short : llets just hope i can reach, i mean im an 8 andd. I hope some of your tips, will help me solve the problem because i keep giving myself the excuse, that it is because she was recently a virgin.

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I hope that the key is just an extra good foreplay to get her relaxed and ready, then bringing her to the edge of a clitoral-orgasm or giving her one, and then intercourse by doing number 1 or 2. Well atleast i hope thats the solution, i hope that she isnt uncapable of orgasming :. Almost every woman has to learn how. It may take some time. Actually not all women want their man to leave them after having sex. This is way too cool!!

A couple of twists for advanced graduate level Ninjas.

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Slight variations on Position 1 Advanced doggy and 3 her riding you allows you to have your hands and mouth free. Now this is what separates the men from the boys—but you need to have agreement from her—several times. Then slightly flick middle finger and thumb on that spot to see if she is ready—if she moans, ask her repeatedly…if she agrees, give her a little slap on her butt. She will cum loudly. When you spank the butt her vagina contracts and both of you feel it. Start lightly and ask permission after every one—and make it a bit harder. A few spanks will blow her mind. Note: make sure you have permission before you begin the spanking process,. She will cum as never before.

Just a little pressure will make her come. After about three minutes the anus will relax, and then you can insert with vaseline —- once finger is in there, use other hand to play with her clit, while thrusting with your penis— she will remember the orgasm for a lifetime! Its quite interesting to learn more from you all. I think the 3 wont be easy for my gf. But the 1 n 2 is a bit painful to her because of my dick,but she enjoy it alot. Thats why she can waite for months to have me again. Mmmmm not a fan of the first 2. Not cool. This would be great if everyone were built as strongly as the illustrations.

Some of us with bigger body shapes have to be more creative. Nice thing is, my man is amazing and has lots of staying power and skill : Some of us girls could give you guys a real run for their money LOL. She said it was the first time she had multiple orgasms..