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The two Houses voted war credits to cover the needs of national defence to the end of the year. A joint Anglo-French declaration last night declared their intention to conduct hostilities with a firm desire to spare civilian populations and to preserve monuments to human achievement. Turkey has given an assurance that she stands by Britain and France. Eleven smaller European states have declared their neutrality.

Assurances of support are being received from many parts of the Empire. The one from New Zealand invites suggestions from London of methods by which she can best assist "in the common cause". The Commonwealth Premier announced in a broadcast to the nation last night, "Australia is at war". The Dominion Parliament has been summoned for Thursaday to give is authority "for effective co-operation by Canada at the side of Britain".

They have also attacked from the air many towns and villages far from the fighting zone. Britain and France are now at war with Germany. The British ultimatum expired at 11 a.

Britain at War in Colour

Last night the King broadcast a call to the British people to stand calm and firm and united. Winton Churchill Secretary for War Mr. After saying that Britain's "rigid" attitude had caused the crisis and that the Poles had attempted to ruin Danzig, the reply went on: The German government and nation has not, as Great Britain has, any intention to rule the world, but they are determined to defend their freedom, their independence, and their life.

The Empire Assurances of support are being received from many parts of the Empire. Britain's Military History Magazine. Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar Company. Hawker Hurricane Survivors Book. Railways Illustrated Magazine.

Battle of Balaclava (25 October 1854) - Russia vs Great Britain

Fans of Flying Legends Airshow Interest. Fans Of Duxford History Museum. The Vintage Aviation Echo Publisher. Studio Veloce Photographer. Aeroplane Monthly Magazine. Airfix Model World Magazine Magazine. Pages Liked by This Page.

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Why did Britain go to war? Background | The National Archives

The Victory Air Show Cosby. Flying Legends. Indeed, one function Blunder will inevitably serve is as a cogent repository of the various arguments—some flawed, some silly, some compelling—for and against war that existed prior to the invasion. The unique political and intellectual climate that obtained between September 11, , and March 20, , has already faded into memory for many and with it the nuances and texture of the pre-war debates.

In its place has come the assignation of blame to a handful of advocates, often obscuring the range and depth of support for removing Saddam that existed across a variety of political movements and ideologies. To cite just one example that now seems almost unfathomable, the New Yorker actually ran an editorial in favor of invading Iraq in February Though not without weight, intellectual concepts often took a backseat to more basic impulses in the American case.

This phenomenon was only reinforced at the time by the remarkable speed with which the Taliban government was unseated in Afghanistan. The balance of opinion, the exact mixture of fear and confidence, were moving heavily in one direction from that point. Most remember Bush pausing during his address to Congress on September 20, to specifically thank him.

Blunder questions whether that affection was warranted. The specifics of how America went to war can and should continue to be investigated. Britain lost sixty-seven citizens on September 11, but it was physically removed from the actual attacks.

Britain at War (4 episodes)

It also had more experience with strikes on its homeland, through both its recent experience with the Irish Republican Army and its collective memory of the Blitz during World War II. One example Porter cites is particularly troubling. It should be noted that while the Watkins memo was sent to Hoon, it has never been established if Blair himself read it.

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In the end, Bush bears responsibility for his decision alone and questions as to why there was not greater debate over whether to invade Iraq within the Bush administration should continue to be examined. But putting aside US failings, the reader of Blunder is still left asking: Who was better positioned to confront Bush with alternate scenarios and potential pitfalls than Blair? From the transatlantic perspective, was he ultimately less a friend and more an enabler?

Having read the book twice, I reluctantly agree with that criticism.

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To challenge British policy requires interrogating US assumptions and doing so entails a discussion of a range of possibilities and debates—both before and after the war. This is the true strength of Blunder. He notes that the measure was supported—to some extent demanded—by Kurdish and Shia groups as way to push back against decades of Sunni domination.