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This international Encyclopaedia provides a balanced, comprehensive account of contemporary trends in world, regional and nation-state government and politics. In 84 in-depth essays, in two scholarly volumes, it captures the global changes, both theoretical and factual, of the past three decades - to give an unprecedented overview of political science and political affairs on the eve of the new century.

An essential resource, the Encyclopaedia of Government and Politics provides accessible, authoritative coverage of the disciplines, examining for example, political theory, processes and behaviour, policy-making, pressure groups, contemporary ideologies, international relations, and major issues in world affairs, such as nationalism, arms control and disarmament, human rights and democratisation. Written by experts in each field, the entries analyse traditional approaches including access to non-Western sources , assess recent developments and chart the directions for future research; each topic includes extensive bibliographies and suggestions for further reading.

The volumes are introduced and placed in context in an essay by Mary Hawkesworth, which advances the conceptual treatment of political science to a new level. Conceptions of power. Conceptions of law. Conceptions of justice. Human rights IHJ. Conceptions of legitimacy. Personality and politics. Interest groups. M39 Hutchinson Dictionary of Ideas Provides entries for major thinkers and important figures, together with information on the beliefs, concepts, institutions, movements, and theories that they engendered. REF: B I28H Illustrated Dictionary of Constitutional Concepts Provides definitions of terms that form the language of constitutions.

Provides biographical information on significant thinkers and historical figures. M28 International Encyclopedia of Environmental Politics Provides in-depth worldwide coverage of environmental politics. Over five hundred alphabetically arranged entries written by international experts include and in depth coverage of the central topics and issued in environmental politics; country and regional entries; analysis of the normative and ethical dimensions of environmental politics; coverage of the major environmental movements, organizations, struggles from the local to the international level; examination of key issues in international environmental politics; up-to-date information on prominent individuals both historical and contemporary who inspired or are actively involved in international politics.

Includes and index and a list of entries by major themes. REF: GE I55 International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences 26 Volumes Provides a scholarly overview of the social and behavioral sciences. Articles provide concise overviews of the ideas, concepts, theories and principles within the social and behavioral sciences.

Each article includes a bibliography of scholarly articles, essays, and occasionally books. There are biographical articles on major theorists and practitioners. REF: H I58 International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences 19 Volumes Provides articles written by experts covering all aspects of the social sciences including political studies topics.

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Each article contains a useful bibliography. There are also a number of biographical articles on significant people in the social sciences. A highly recommended research tool that is useful as a starting point for research. International Law: A Dictionary Provides definitions and an overview of the terms in international law.

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The dictionary if organized into nine chapters each covering a broad subject area. The entries are arranged alphabetically under these broad subject heading and includes numerous cross-references and references to primary sources, mostly treaties and court cases.

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B63 International Relations: A Political Dictionary 5th edition Provides entries arranged alphabetically under broad subject divisions. Includes an index to specific terms and cross references. REF: JX Language of Canadian Politics: A Guide to Important Terms and Concepts 3rd edition Provides an introduction to Canadian politics in approximately cross-referenced entries that clearly discuss the institutions, concepts, public policies, events, and laws associated with politics in Canada.

The 4th edition, , is available as an e-book to the UPEI community. M33 MacMillan Dictionary of Political Quotations Provides over 12, quotations arranged by topic, and within each topic, alphabetically by author. Author index included. REF: PN P6E54 These overviews include Key Indicators, Currencies, and a Map of the region. The final section is a Global Overview.

N37 Nations Without States: A Historical Dictionary of Contemporary National Movements Contains over national surveys, short articles, highlighting the historical, political, social and economic evolution of the many stateless nations that are now emerging to claim a role in the post-Cold War order. M56 Main entries in the set are often divided by separately authored subentries… Articles conclude with up-to-date bibliographies often divided into primary and secondary sources and see also references.

N49 Oxford Companion to Politics of the World 2nd edition Provides a comprehensive guide to international relations and national domestic politics of the world, including lengthy signed articles on people, places, and concepts, many include bibliographies.

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O95 Oxford Companion to Twentieth-Century British Politics Provides a comprehensive and authoritative guide to British political life during the past years. Over alphabetically arranged entries cover the important ideas, institutions, people and events that have defined modern British politics. Appendix 1 provides a listing of ministries from Appendix 2 provides a listing of office holders. Appendix 3 provides a listing of general election results from A Classified Contents List and bibliographies at the end of longer entries are included.

REF: DA O88 Cross-references are provided to other cases. The Case Index includes, not only the cases included as entries in the Guide, but those cases mentioned anywhere in the Guide. The Topical index directs readers to concepts, persons, places and institutions in the text. Further Reading is provided. This title is also available as an e-book to the University community. REF: KF O97 Penguin Dictionary of International Relations Provides definitions that reflect the changes that have taken place in the area of international relations as a result of the events that happened in Eastern Europe in late E94 Over entries cover the countries, regions, ethnic groups, political parties, prime ministers, presidents, business organizations, geographical features, religions, and border disputes.

Includes separate articles on each country and its economy, cross-references, detailed contact information an organizations and geographical and personal name indexes. P66 Political and Historical Encyclopedia of Women Provides a history of the political involvement of women in Western society. Each article concludes with a brief bibliography. REF: HQ E85E52 Political Corruption in America: An Encyclopedia of Scandals, Power, and Greed 2nd edition 2 Volumes This work contains approximately articles detailing the history of political corruption in the United States.

The entries include biographies, explanations important court cases, pieces of legislation, and terms. Many entries include cross-references and references. Primary Documents, Chronology, Bibliography, and Index are included in the second volume. Also includes a chronology of political events from the establishment of the state to early REF: DS R The typical chapter includes a brief summary of the period; discussions of the major conflicts, events, and related American policies; a chronology; biographical sketches of two or three key historical figures; excerpts from relevant primary documents; illustrations; photographs; and a brief bibliography.

The chapters are arranged chronologically and include transitional chapters that aid in explaining periods between military actions.

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A Political Reference Almanac Provides facts and information about politics and governments, both in the United States and throughout the world. It includes: biographical profiles of United States government officials; detailed descriptions of United States federal agencies; detailed information on the United States federal budget and the budgets of the fifty state governments; government profiles of nations and their territories; worldwide government contact information; historical information; political documents; famous speeches; and a calender of events.

Includes an index. REF: JK6. P65 The Presidency A to Z 4th edition Provides an overview of major topics related to the presidency. Also, provides brief biographies of all presidents and vice-presidents and statistical information. P Public Opinion and Polling Around the World: a Historical Encyclopedia 2 Volumes Provides a review of the history of polling from colonial America to its role in emerging democracies. Volume 2 covers the international arena including Canada. Includes A-Z entries on the United States elections, history, political parties, interest groups, the role of the media and biographies of key pollsters and opinion leaders.

P83 Routledge Dictionary of Politics 3rd edition Provides an authoritative up-to-date guide to politics, its terminologies, ideologies and institutions. Over extensive definitions provide and understanding of the basics of political thought and theory, complex ideologies and dogmas, specialized and technical terms, and emerging ideas and terminologies. Routledge Encyclopedia of International Political Economy 3 Volumes Provides a comprehensive reference to the field of international political economy. The alphabetically arranged entries cover empirical and theoretical issues, concepts and theories, institutions, and people.

Each entry includes a bibliography. R68 Entries range from a few paragraphs to several pages with frequent cross-references. It includes an index arranged alphabetically by last names of people together with a listing of particular political jargon that is associated with them. S2 The well-written contextual essays provide an excellent introduction to the subject of American slavery.

The extensive bibliography provides a listing of the best works for further study. Also includes an index. The Supreme Court A to Z 2nd edition Provides information about the Supreme Court, important legal decisions, famous cases, and biographies of all the Justices.

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A35S8 The Territories of the Russian Federation Provides authoritative, current geographical, political, and economic information on each of the eighty-nine constituent units of the Federation. Part One provides background information on the Federation, including statistics on major demographic and economic indicators and details of the government. A Chronology of Russia is included.

here Part Two consists of territorial surveys for each of the 89 federal units. Part Three includes a bibliography. Part Four lists the Territories alphabetically by federal district and by economic area. A88T47 Twentieth-Century British Political Facts, 8th edition Provides a factual history of British politics from Index is included. B8 United States Presidential Primary Elections, A Handbook of Election Statistics Provides official county-by-county results for all Democratic and Republican presidential primary elections from Includes a brief overview on the presidential primary process and trends.

World Directory of Minorities Provides coverage for the majority of the larger minorities of the world. References are provided for each area.