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In the case studies shared, we'll examine the biases that emerged in the design process by government entities, startups, and corporate America, as well as how the public sector can make the upstream changes that can lead to success. Attendees will leave with a set of questions and approaches they can apply to question their own biases in the design process.

Project Management vs. Product Management: What's the Difference? Harvard and Cornell are among the business schools that have added product management curriculums to meet demand from students.

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Meanwhile, the Project Management Institute predicts that employers will need 88 million people in project management roles by But if you're wondering what the difference is between these two roles, you're not alone. These titles are often conflated, especially on small teams that have minimal time, resources, and candidates. But despite some overlap between these two roles, they serve distinctly different functions. This session will cover: The definitions of project management vs. The key business functions that each role serves.

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Frameworks for project management vs. Areas of overlap between these two roles. How to know which role you should hire for your own team. Progressive decoupling, full decoupling or not decoupling at all! When and how to do each. Gerardo Maldonado In this session we will analyze different strategies for decoupling Drupal 8, Whether we are pursuing a fully decoupled architecture, a progressively decoupled architecture or a standard Drupal architecture. With this presentation I will answer questions like: Which architecture should we choose?

Where do we start? What are the different approaches we can take to implement them? What are the advantages of using one against each other. And of course, examples showcasing their benefits and differences, we will see what are the pros and cons for each architecture and suggested techniques and methods to successfully achieve them.

For the examples on this session I will use React alongside Drupal to demo these decoupled capabilities. JNet is a primary information resource for Judiciary employees and is accessed more than 2. The site offers news, policy, program-related information, and a variety of reference tools, and serves as a gateway to systems used judiciary-wide.

JNet was first our Drupal 7 project and the code base has become large and unwieldy over time. When our web team was asked to add a complex feature to JNet that would promote training opportunities and accept applications for the entire Judiciary, we were faced with a choice: expand our Drupal 7 code to handle user-submitted content outside of our pre-existing publishing workflow, or build a separate web app for application handling and host it on JNet?

We opted for the latter. In this session, we will discuss our project requirements and decision-making process, and then explain how we addressed various technical challenges, such as passing the authentication context from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 in order to avoid an extra login step for our users.

As a bonus, come hear how a swift community response to a security issue helped persuade our IT Security Office of the value of open source software. This presentation will interest technical decision-makers and developers interested in progressive decoupling, headless Drupal, and Angular. For the technical part of the talk, attendees should have intermediate to advanced knowledge working with the Drupal back end.

Refactoring Conversations About Refactoring. Deadlines approach, scopes expand, QA finds bugs and engineers do what they do best: make a square peg fit in a round hole. The difficulty comes in explaining this state of affairs to product owners and clients, who may be happy with functionality but lack the technical chops to understand why more work is necessary that won't result in new whiz-bang features.

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Clients are naturally protective of budgets and must balance short-term business requirements with long-run strategy, and this calculus doesn't often sit well with developers' natural instinct to stay on the bleeding edge and make all code beautiful. Scaling our voice: Supporting authors to create a consistent Mass. The new site is agency agnostic: We want constituents to feel confident that they can find what they need without having to know which agency or bureaucratic process to navigate.

NullReferenceException in Windows With Git Fetch or Pull

This session focuses on how we created a voice, and how our content strategy and customer success teams scaled that voice through working with more than content authors across more than state agencies. Our content authors are a diverse bunch: Some are subject matter experts, others communications professionals, web liaisons, or interns. Some have years of experience writing for the web. Some have experience with Drupal. And the idea of creating a unified voice is new for all of them--and for us.

Should I use Drupal multisites or multiple sites? To help you answer this question, we will share our experience and lessons learned in working with several Drupal sites using the Drupal multisite feature.

We will talk about what Drupal mulitisite is, its architecture, and why we chose it over other approaches. In addition to the big picture, we will also walk you through Drupal multisite installation in the Acuqia cloud environments and show you how we configure Apache Solr search in multisite settings. You will come away with a better understanding of the common challenges and solutions for Drupal multiple sites management. Katie Eidson You are eager to become more user-centric in your next project. Hoping it will remove the clutteriness and complexity on your project.

This talk will break down the jargon, provide a do-it-yourself roadmap, and basic understanding that provides you the confidence to help bring user research and usability testing into your project no matter what timeline. Whether you are maintaining a site or in a process of a redesign, you will learn how to collect user insight, set up user testing sessions, and understand what to do with all that information.

Five Reasons Your Project Needs User Experience Design (UXD)

By the end of the session you learn some new technicals and growing confidence in adding some user research and usability testing in your next project. Jeff Maher The world of technical operations has never been more exciting: skies full of clouds, containers full of containers, and servers serving without servers. Yet, teams still struggle with changing code safely, scaling effectively, and recovering when disaster strikes. Drawing on firsthand lessons building platforms like Vets.

Danielle Sheffler Did you know that a project can fail even when you use best practices in project management and development? In fact, it's almost guaranteed to fail if you don't think about the soft skills needed when working with internal and external teams. Many times, we think of the most important parts of a project as determining MVP, staying within timeline, scope, and budget, and implementing what the client has asked us to.

But we often neglect to develop our soft skills: having difficult conversations with our clients, getting our clients to trust us, and building relationships with our internal teams and with our clients. Matthew Cheney, Jody Hamilton There are a lot of obvious benefits to using version control for your projects, but there are a lot of non obvious benefits too.

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In this session, learn how to create an industrial grade version control workflow using Git and automatic testing. Topics that will be covered include: How to Use Git Branches - Instead of having all of the developers work on the same "master" branch, you can have developers work on separate branches that can be created per developer, per feature, or even per ticket in your project management system.

How to Do Performance Testing - Instead of crossing your fingers when you site gets a lot of traffic, be sure that your site can handle the traffic by doing performance testing on each deployment that you do. How to Do Cross Browser Testing - Instead of firing up a bunch of Virtual Machines to test different browsers and devices, set up an automatic script so that every time you are looking to do a deploy you get a bunch of screenshots to review.

How to Do Visual Regression Testing - If you are pushing a change that shouldn't effect the front end of the site, wouldn't it be nice to verify that? Learn how to visually compare a "before" and "after" version of your site to see where if anywhere visual changes happen. If you are a developer or manage developers on web projects, this session will help you learn how to level up your workflow and do a lot of really powerful testing on your project every time you do a commit.

Transitioning your Drupal 8 Site to ES6. Have you begun the process of transitioning your coding style on your Drupal sites? You will also have a github repository to fork and use on a sandbox. Two Perspectives on Audio Description.

Larry Gillick DOI. Divergent efforts within the U. Department of the Interior have led to a pair of technology solutions and a wealth of choices for site managers and content creators to use, to meet requirements and properly serve the public.