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Rivers & estuaries

Urie Bronfenbrenner. Gathering Moss. The range of functions that waterway managers undertake includes:. The regional Waterway Strategies RWSs are a single planning document for river, estuary and wetland management in each region and drive implementation of the management approach outlined in the Victorian Waterway Management Strategy. The RWSs were developed by waterway managers in partnership with other regional agencies, authorities and boards involved in natural resource management, plus Traditional Owners, regional communities and other key stakeholders.

For coastal regions, the RWSs include the management of estuary health, highlighting the importance of estuaries as the link between catchments, coasts and the marine environment.

Draft Update of CCMP

The RWSs outline regional goals for waterway management. High value waterways are identified and from those a subset of priority waterways were determined for the eight-year planning period. A strategic regional work program of management activities for priority waterways is included. The regional work program provides clear direction to guide investment in waterway management by the Victorian Government.

The RWSs also identify regional priorities for environmental water management over the eight-year planning period, together with the complementary management activities required at those sites.

Minor Estuaries of Texas | Texas Water Development Board

This information is used as a key input to environmental water planning arrangements. The regional priority setting process relies on information about values, threats and risks.

Critical Habitats

It is vital that this information is collected and described in a consistent way and, where possible, that the information is based on actual data for example, data collected from on-ground monitoring activities. A database has been developed to house this information and support the regional priority setting process.

Skip to content Skip to navigation. Water and catchments. Toggle navigation. Council has been working on a new management plan for the Tweed River Estuary since Vision for the Tweed River: The Tweed River is a special place, a healthy ecosystem supporting lifestyles, culture and productivity. Environmental status: The health of the estuary environment is fundamental to all its other uses. A summary of the environmental status of the Tweed River Estuary: There are Weeds are abundant, particularly in riparian areas.

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Dolphins and turtles are commonly observed in the lower estuary. Key threats to the river values are: River bank erosion Habitat loss and barriers to habitat connectivity Poor water quality Tidal inundation and flooding of low lying land Loss of biodiversity Lack of access to the river and foreshores for non-boating recreation Conflict between river users Reduced stocks based on community perceptions of recreationally important fish species Restricted levels of boating facilities or reduced navigability Riverside vegetation mid-estuary Action Plan: There are 90 separate actions within the management plan that address all the identified threats.

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Examples of key actions include: Council will provide governance and administration services so that the estuary plan can be implemented effectively and efficiently. Raise the profile of the Aboriginal cultural heritage significance of the Tweed including history, values and cultural practices associated with the estuary, both historic and ongoing.

Work with landholders to increase awareness of the impacts of both soil and river bank erosion and increase landholder adoption of best management practice, particularly in regards to water quality. Develop and implement a Riparian Zone Management Plan for riparian vegetation, rehabilitation and management on private land in the Rous estuary, and upper Tweed estuary. Undertake an assessment of areas of the floodplain that may have potential for regeneration of floodplain wetlands.

Design and deliver an education project to reduce boating impacts on seagrass beds, in particular from propeller tracking and trampling during boat beaching. Work with the sugar industry and floodplain landholders to reduce acid sulfate soil runoff, wherever possible. Undertake upper catchment riparian rehabilitation works, in particular fencing livestock out of waterways and revegetating banks with native species. Assess the vulnerability of Council assets and developed land to increasing tidal inundation due to sea level rise. Community conversations On public exhibition.

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Public exhibition closes. Photos Boats at Boyd Bay more..

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