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Additives can modify the properties of engineering thermoplastics which means that addition of fiber makes the thermoplastic strong and stiff, whereas adding plasticizers makes it more flexible. Use of anti-oxidants would make thermoplastics stable under high temperatures, whereas addition of lubricants makes it easier to mold.

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With repeating units of monomers, Engineered thermoplastics are made up of long polymer chains. Various fillers from minerals to fibers can be added for strength, impact, and other performance enhancements like thermal conductivity, electrostatic dissipation etc. With professional cutting services, companies have been able to ensure high quality finishes and a quick turnaround time. ABS Sheets — They are available in a wide range of color and texture finishes and offers a lot of versatility.

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Polyethylene — Different variations are available in the market which are tailored to suit specific market requirements. Nylon -With their excellent properties and use in various applications, it is one of the most popular engineering plastics. Polycarbonate — With a high heat resistance, it also offers chemical and water resistance.

PTFE — It offers unrivalled chemical, thermal and electrical performance. As much as possible, each chapter emphasizes the performance of the additives in the polymer, and the value each relevant additive brings to polypropylene or polyethylene.

Where possible, similar additives are compared by capability and relative cost. With major sections for each additive function, this book provides a highly practical guide for engineers and scientists creating and using polyolefin compounds, who will find in this book a wealth of detail and practical guidance. This unique resource will enable them to make practical decisions about the use of the various additives, fillers, and reinforcements specific to this family of materials.

Key Features Structured to make it easy for the reader to find solutions for specific property requirements Contains a number of short case studies about companies that have used or developed a particular additive to achieve the desired result Covers environmental resistance, mechanical property enhancement, appearance enhancement, processing aids, and other modifications of form and function.

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Michael Tolinski is a freelance writer and a lecturer at the University of Michigan's College of Engineering. He is a frequent contributor to Plastics Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering. Related Products. Add to cart Default Title.

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Adams, D. Buckley, R. Colborn, W. England and D.

There are also sections containing the most important specialty grades and important commercial blends. The report contains over abstracts of the essential papers on the subject.

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New products and processes were also revealed along with a discussion of legislation and its impact on the additives business. Addcon World conferences are specifically targeted to the plastics additives industry and have been successfully run by Rapra Technology Limited for the past 5 years. Stanhope, K.

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