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What are the most important factors to consider when starting out? I love my garden and love reading on anything permaculture. Want to learn more about the ins and outs of beekeeping in the future. Maybe also growing fruit trees. Hi Adrienne — check out this video clip from Geoff Lawton. Small scale suburban permaculture in a tiny backyard — 80 medicinal plants, 30 fruit trees, 70 kilos of vegetables, vertical wall growing, kilos of fruit, 22 varieties of berries on SQUARE FEET.

Some of the best ways to restore our agriculture is to grow our own food as much as possible, buy as much as we can from local farmers whose practices we know, and not to buy processed food which only supports Big Ag. Our dollars are the best way to change things! Thank you for sharing this. This nation is going to have to embrace sustainability and self-sufficiency. Those five states of endless GMO corn I drove through this summer were a clear reminder to me that what I do on my own little plot is much more natural and normal than industrial ag.

My neighbors on both sides have put up fences with treated wood. How far away from the fences can I safely plant my garden and is there anything I can do to minimize contamination from rainwater? My friend suggested planting flax along the fence lines. Thank you, Laura Tucker. Hi Laura.

Restoration Agriculture Real World Permaculture For Farmers

We used to have a very small garden with the same issue. A couple of suggestions, you can make your own raised beds and fill them so the plants are less likely to get exposed to toxic material. Galvanized feeding troughs come in various sizes and can be used for this. You may here some concerns about the zinc but if you do a little reading on natural and organic sites they say that zinc is only released in very acidic environments.

But galvanized tanks for swimming, gardening, feeding animals are claimed to be safe. Imagine a small indentation running along the fence line that will catch water and allow it to settle. The idea of planting flax along the fence line is basically doing that.

Restoration Agriculture Real World Permaculture For Farmers

Different climates will have different plants recommended for a bio-swale system that you can usually find on google — my state has a lot of resources about their experimental systems. The only downside for bio swale is your small garden size, so high raised beds may give you more planting space and more comfort about the toxin exposure. This is a great concept. Even better to see permaculture put into practice on a commercial scale. Woo too!

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It was a fantastic book, and I have been desiring to read all the books referenced in it, I am looking forward to checking out this tittle, thanks! I would like to know more about how to care for my strawberry patch from year to year and how to grow other not so common fruits, like kiwis, in zone 5. Love the information you are giving, We will be putting it gradually into effect this coming growing season.

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Here are two articles I wrote for Permaculture Magazine. Basically you cover a pile of wood with dirt. The rotting wood has a tremendous capacity to store water, supports beneficial soil organisms, fungal webs, and as it decays, is self-tilling in the sense that it reduces soil compaction and generates nutrients that feed the plants. This system takes several years to establish, but can have positive benefits for years.

Restoration Agriculture Review

I enjoy your blog… I live out in the country and love going back to the land and use what Mother Nature has given us. I would like to see articles about different alternative crops, everything from how to grow dandelions for root harvest, to elderberry forests. Also, I have free range chickens, but still have to supplement feed for them if I am to get them to roost in the chicken house and lay eggs in there. In Indiana, where I live, there are miles of corn fields, corn, corn everywhere but not a grain to eat.

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They are GMO. Looks like a very interesting book. This is an awesome giveaway! Would LOVE to add this to our library. Great book!

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  • We compost and we dump leaves and wood chips in the garden for over the winter to decompose. I was just telling my kids that next year I want an enormous garden and do some canning too! So between now and then I want to learn all I can because I have ot had a garden in about 12 years or canned in that long as well. I want to try and get a years worth of food put away before next winter! I am interested in learning about Permaculture — i.

    It truly is a win for Monsanto et al, and a definite lose for everyone else. Trained in both mechanical engineering and ecology, Mark has developed and patented equipment and processes for the cultivation, harvesting and processing of forest derived agricultural products for human foods and bio fuels production.

    Mark was certified as a Permaculture designer in and received his Diploma of Permaculture design from Bill Mollison, the founder of the international Permaculture movement. He teaches agroforestry and Permaculture worldwide. Reevaluation of priorities and learning to live healthy sustainable lives is worthwhile looking at.

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    Restoration Agriculture provides a skeleton on which an engaged person can build. The book is well written, contains practical information and resources and is worth taking the time to ponder another way of living. Verified purchase: Yes Condition: New. Skip to main content.

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